An ode to One Pocket

An ode to One Pocket

#4 of The First 5 of Project One Pocket

While I was searching for different writing styles I came across some odes. I decided to write an ode myself to see whether or not I was able to write something like that. Since I was working on The First 5 (also called the One Pocket Series), I decided to write a not so serious ode to One Pocket. It’s inspired by a piece from someone who wrote an ode to life in which he dichotomized his body and mind. 

One Pocket, only for a few years
We form a unity.
We are, I believe, not one,
But two, although I cannot prove it.

When I am standing at the pool table with you,
And look you in the eyes,
Trying to fathom myself,
I see myself in you:,
My thinking, my mind,
My peace, my beast.
A complex unity
Of chaos and structure,
Of thoughts and emotion,
Of outburst and control.
Almost perfect, yet completely imperfect.
You are just a thing within an endless amount of things,
The most intriguing of all.

You are still so young, yet so wise.
Unlike me, as I have proven to you,
During my attempt to improve the self.
You are yourself and complete,
You are what I am looking for.
The quest with you,
Is about me.
Wait a bit, although I am curious,
With finding the treasure.
I am not in a hurry.
Finding it will make me rich,
The journey will make me wise.

Forgive me for abusing you,
Sometimes playing as a mindless fool:,
Too much offensive play, too little defense,
Too much focus on the pot, too little on the cue ball.
The rashness,
It wasn’t my intention.
That’s why I tickle my brain for you,
To put this in writing.

Now, at the beginning of our life,
I am grateful for our encounter.
At first, you were hard to understand.
After finding the entree to your soul,
I saw how beautiful you are.
You will guide me.
You are precious to me, One Pocket.

Project One Pocket

Project One Pocket is a project in which I advocate One Pocket and try to inspire others, in the Netherlands and eventually in the rest of Europe as well, to start playing One Pocket, to share knowledge and ideas about the game and to set up more One Pocket tournaments across the continent. The One Pocket Series, a Dutch One Pocket tour, came forth from this project.

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