Efren Reyes the One Pocket savior

Efren Reyes the One Pocket savior

Efren Reyes the best one pocket player of all timeEfren Reyes is considered to be the best player of all time. To me, he is. A humble master of moving, banking, and kicking. When he’s asked how he does it all, he most of the time answers with: “I just got lucky“. He’s a One Pocket genius, inducted in the One Pocket Hall of Fame and 6-time winner of the prestigious Derby City Classic One Pocket division, among many other great wins.

When you’re watching Efren play One Pocket, it looks like he’s just thinking on another level than all other players. A strategist at heart. His creativity is endless. He’s able to turn the game around when he’s in the most difficult situations. So, when you’re stuck in One Pocket, ask yourself: What would Efren do?

Most of us probably don’t come up with the right answer, because he’s a genius and most of us are not. He’s probably also much more creative, but when you’re stuck in a desperate situation in One Pocket you can always try to call upon the One Pocket god Efren, just to give yourself an incentive to push your own creativity.

Referring to the pool god’s made me think about what Michael Phelan once wrote in 1850 in his book ‘Billiards without a Master’:

To the physiognomist and the silent observer of human nature, there is no game that more thoroughly discloses the various dispositions of men than Billiards. The elated hope, the depressing fear, the sanguine exultation, the mortifying defeat – the philosophical resignation to fate, the indifference of success, and all the multiplied and manifold passions of the human mind, are variously depicted and easily discovered, by an attentive observer, on the countenance of the Billiard player 

Watch Efren Reyes play One Pocket 

Corey Deuel is one of the other One Pocket players who belong to the category of most creative players. Watch their match at the Derby City Classic last January below.

Poolhead playing one pocket against efren reyes“Efren Reyes has always been my favorite player and an inspiration to me. Back in 2007, I’ve had the honor to shoot some racks, backstage at the World Pool Masters, with the man himself. I couldn’t get the smile of my face, although it was merely a friendly game.” – Pepijn de Wit


Poolhead’s YouTube Channel is all about One Pocket!


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