The 16 countries where I’ve played pool

The 16 countries where I’ve played pool

I was just traveling online, thinking about what to do and where I want to go. The answer is always the same: I want to see as much of the world as possible. This mind-traveling at home by staring at my laptop screen made me think about all the places where I’ve played pool the past 17 years. I’ve made a list and it apparently comes down to a total of 16 countries.

When you live in a small country such as the Netherlands, it’s fairly easy to cross off countries like Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg where you can easily go to, to play tournaments. I can cross the border with Belgium within just 70 minutes by car and it takes about 130 minutes to end up in Germany. However, there are a few countries on my list that took me a little longer than that to get there. These are the countries where I’ve played pool:

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About Pepijn de Wit

An adventurous pool player from the Netherlands who’s a croupier and curious cultural anthropologist in need of knowledge to understand the world around him, goes by the name Pepijn de Wit. He values experiences more than anything and wants to see, and learn as much of the world as possible before leaving it. Hustling, the most charming and dark element of pool, would therefore not be his trade, although it would make it easier for him to stop mind-traveling while surfing the internet. He applauds cultural diversity, the ambitious, the graceful, and the open-minded. His ambitions are big, his dreams even bigger. He’s a One Pocket lover, tournament director of the One Pocket Series, and pushes for One Pocket to take over and electrify Europe!