Bank pool and CIA cover stories – Docudrama ‘Wormwood’

Bank pool and CIA cover stories – Docudrama ‘Wormwood’

When I was watching episode 6 of the docudrama ‘Wormwood’ yesterday, a short pool(shot) scene suddenly came by followed by the words:

He calls it a million to one bankshot.Errol Morris in 'Wormwood' Episode 6, 6:44 min.

Followed by:

He is the only guy who would have had the sources and the judgement to ask the right question to the right guy and he nails it. When I give him the right question he poses that question to the source, the source tells him, and 48 hours later he has got it. But, now we are a year later and he hasn’t published a story. Why does he want further confirmation? My attitude is, look, you only get one million to one bankshot and I’m stunned he got this one. He says: ‘well, some people won’t believe this’. And I’m saying I don’t care if you have another source. They are not going to believe it then either.Eric Olson in 'Wormwood' episode 6

The Poolhead in me couldn’t resist sharing this with you. It’s a simple Poolhead-minded metaphor for a regular way of obtaining information. The simplicity of the metaphor within a complex story is what makes it beautiful. The thing my Poolhead mind was annoyed by though, was that they didn’t show an actual bank shot in this scene, but a massé carom shot in which two balls were made in one shot in the same pocket. A fun and easy trickshot, but not a bankshot. This observation obviously has nothing to do with the plot and the story this documentary is about, which makes it totally irrelevant… Sometimes I just want to share some random thoughts I guess.

The quotes above probably need some context. I’m not going to give it to you. You can read everything about the story behind Wormwood on

I’ll just get back to Netflix now before I share more nonsense.

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