Ivar Saris steamrolling through One Pocket Series 2018

Ivar Saris steamrolling through One Pocket Series 2018

Ivar Saris seems to be the man to beat for the 2018 One Pocket Series. April 15th he won the first OPS tournament of the year by beating Alex Lely in the final in the place to be, Hague 5 and apparently that was just the start. Last week he also won the second OPS Open in de Distel. Tim De Ruyter went down 1-3 against Ivar in the finals.

Ivar Saris – Leader One Pocket Series 2018

This second event was the first not so successful event when we talk about the amount of participants. After ending up with a waiting list for all five events before, we only had 21 players this time. Was it because it was mother’s day? Maybe. We should have offered a one pocket retreat with a discount. The atmosphere was great nonetheless as there were great matches and long grinds.

Ivar is obviously leading the OPS ranking by a mile. He’s followed by Tim De Ruyter after his 3rd place during the first tournament and making it to the finals in the second. Mr. Poolhead is on a solid number 3 after a 5th and 3rd place. Tim Jonkman made it to the semi-finals and takes place 4. You can check out the ranking by following this link.

The top 8 was as followed:

  1. Ivar Saris
  2. Tim De Ruyter
  3. Pepijn de Wit
  4. Tim Jonkman
  5. Bart Smeyers
  6. Jan van Lierop
  7. Marko Nielsen
  8. Thomas Kirsch

See CueScore for all results of the second OPS Open 2018.

Got to the One Pocket Series Facebook page for more photos. Next event will be on June 17th in Poollokaal de Gracht in Amsterdam. Who will be able to take down Ivar?

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