To the physiognomist and the silent observer of human nature, there is no game that more thoroughly discloses the various dispositions of men than Billiards. The elated hope, the depressing fear, the sanguine exultation, the mortifying defeat – the philosophical resignation to fate, the indifference of success, and all the multiplied and manifold passions of the human mind, are variously depicted and easily discovered, by an attentive observer, on the countenance of the Billiard player.Michael Phelan (1850) in 'Billiards without a master'

Inspired by Freddy the Beard’s speech at the One Pocket Hall of Fame dinner 2013. Written by Pepijn de Wit and Alex Lely

I looked for flights, he was looking for flights, but the next time we were on the phone again it turned out that he was never going to go. Well, then I wouldn’t either. Two days later I booked my flight.

Just like last year there are 3 official live streams to follow the Derby City Classic 2019 from home.

Accu-stats.com is offering early bird tickets for $78.95 to follow the whole 9-day event including the 10-ball Big Foot Challenge, One Pocket, Bank Pool, and 9-ball event. You have one more day to purchase them. The early bird deal expires January 23rd. After that it will cost you $98.55. It’s worth it!

A fist pump after his last shot showed his joy and excitement about his first one pocket victory in Poollokaal de Gracht in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Jelle Kijlstra is now added to the list of One Pocket Series winners, one that was missing on his list.

One Pocket became a family affair within the van Berkel family. The 12-year-old Mika van Berkel and his mother play the game together every week and it’s serious business.

Ivar Saris seems to be the man to beat for the 2018 One Pocket Series.

Last Sunday the One Pocket Series 2018 in the Netherlands kicked off at Hague 5. The action however, already started on Friday night. Saturday was even better and the tournament didn’t even start yet!