#3 of The First 5 of Project One Pocket

What’s he doing? That break was crap. Only a few balls came out. Huh, he made the black ball before making all stripes, or solids. That ball was so close to the pocket and he still missed it, how?! He makes a ball and places it back on the spot. Why?! It looks like he’s not even trying to make a ball. He just shoots a ball to the other side of the table. He’s shooting at stripes and solids during the same inning. This is pure nonsense. He really doesn’t get it!

Laity often only know the game of eight ball. In some cases they know nine ball as well. Laity always have confused looks on their faces when they’re watching me playing One Pocket. They always do, but in this case I’ll just assume they look confused because they don’t understand the game. I’m weird anyhow. No doubt about that. Just like there’s no doubt about my passion for one pocket. I can lose myself in it. If I don’t lose myself in one pocket, I’ll lose myself in something else. I think it has something to do with thinking, emotion, sports, and a competitive spirit.

As an attentive observer, I can’t resist to let my eyes wander around the pool table to a space filled with people, mostly laity. In general, and in most cases, I don’t want to have anything to do with them. I’m slightly autistic when I’m standing at the pool table. Hard not to when you’re practicing a sport like pool. It requires a lot of concentration and mental resiliency. At the same time, I still overhear the vibrations that form words, remarks, and eventually conversations. Mostly meaningless and unimportant hog wash. In some other cases I also tend to be a little autistic, but actually I’m just being an introvert who silently enjoys by staying out of the discussion while I’m attending it.

Laity have no c(l)ue. Others also don’t. Only I do.

Project One Pocket

Project One Pocket is a project in which I advocate One Pocket and try to inspire others, in the Netherlands and eventually in the rest of Europe as well, to start playing One Pocket, to share knowledge and ideas about the game and to set up more One Pocket tournaments across the continent. The One Pocket Series, a Dutch One Pocket tour, came forth from this project.

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About Pepijn de Wit

An adventurous pool player from the Netherlands who’s a croupier and curious cultural anthropologist in need of knowledge to understand the world around him, goes by the name Pepijn de Wit. He values experiences more than anything and wants to see, and learn as much of the world as possible before leaving it. Hustling, the most charming and dark element of pool, would therefore not be his trade, although it would make it easier for him to stop mind-traveling while surfing the internet. He applauds cultural diversity, the ambitious, the graceful, and the open-minded. His ambitions are big, his dreams even bigger. He’s a One Pocket lover, tournament director of the One Pocket Series, and pushes for One Pocket to take over and electrify Europe!