Exciting times for One Pocket in the Netherlands – Teaser

Exciting times for One Pocket in the Netherlands – Teaser

It has been quiet at Poolhead the past two weeks, but there’s a good reason for it! I’ve been building a website for the exciting things I’m working on together with Nepse Pool Productions (NPP). As you all might know by now, I advocate One Pocket and I’m trying to promote the game to the people around me in the Netherlands. One Pocket is finally about to get a boost! Details will be announced soon! Just to raise the corner of the veil: it’s inspired by the World Pool Series and mixed with some Poolhead creativity. 

One Pocket is an upcoming game in the Netherlands. An increasing number of players is getting enthusiastic about it. There are, however, very few opportunities, in the form of tournaments, for players to test their One Pocket skills. There are just two One Pocket tournaments per year in the Netherlands, the Deurne City Classic being one of them. I hereby want to give a big shout out to the team of the Deurne City Classic, the Dutch mini version of the prestigious Derby City Classic, who are doing an insanely good job. In just 4 years the tournament grew out to be the most exciting tournament in Europe with 5 tournaments (Bank pool, One Pocket, 10 ft Challenge, 9-Ball, and the 14.1 Shoot out) in just 4 days.

Although the Deurne City Classic is a great tournament and its One Pocket tournament is the biggest in Europe, it’s not enough to get players to play One Pocket more often, to compete on a regular basis, or to promote the game in its entirety. I’m not pleading for One Pocket to become the dominating game in the Netherlands, but I want it to become more popular, for players to have the opportunity to play One Pocket tournaments regularly, and for players to understand the value of the game.

O.P.S.We had some questions about how to create an attractive set up and asked these questions to several pool players in order to understand the overall perception on, and ideas about the game of One Pocket. We’ve taken into account all the answers, came up with some plans, and are working on them as we speak. I hope these plans will work out well and contribute to the mission of making One Pocket more popular in the Netherlands. Stay tuned!

Check out these great One Pocket shots! Be aware, there’s a reasonable chance for you to get infected by the One Pocket virus after watching the video

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