About the upgraded 2nd One Pocket Series tournament in the Netherlands last Sunday

About the upgraded 2nd One Pocket Series tournament in the Netherlands last Sunday

Hi guys and gals, here’s an update about the last One Pocket Series tournament we held last Sunday in the beautiful pool hall ‘de Distel’ in Roosendaal, the Netherlands. We started the day with 29 players instead of 32 due to unfortunate circumstances. There were 3 players who had to cancel their trip. Nevertheless, it was a successful day again and we’re gaining popularity throughout the country. We’ve reached the German players again, and we think the French might even pick it up as well.

Live-score with CueScore software

Live-score software from CueScore

Our second tournament had a great upgrade compared to the first one. Every table was provided with a tablet and the new live-score software from CueScore. People at home (who should’ve been in Roosendaal) could follow ALL matches and EVERY ball!

Next to that, we had a great photographer, Frederique Rijsdijk who’s also a former pool player from Hague 5 and made beautiful photos of beautiful people in a really cool pool hall. You can check the album here!

One Pocket Series

My partner from the One Pocket Series in action in ‘de Distel’ in Roosendaal

Everything went according to the time schedule again. The day started at 11 am and ended at 11 pm. Pretty fast for a 32 bracket One Pocket tournament. The popularity of the game is growing, but the level isn’t that high yet. Players tend to play overly aggressive, which on the one hand helps us to finish the tournament in one day. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with playing aggressive One Pocket (I think Tony Chohan agrees with me here), but in this case it was often done because of a lack of knowledge. That will probably change over time when players play One Pocket more often and gain more knowledge about the game. It’s my/our mission to contribute to that development. That’s why I started Poolhead in the first place and I recently created the Poolhead Forum for people to share knowledge about the game and learn from each other.

There was a match that took 3 hours though, but he still managed to catch up with the rest after a few matches. You can check all the results here.

When the level goes up in the future, there’s probably no way we could finish such a scheme in only 12 hours with all high skilled one pocket players, not even with the shoot out on hill-hill in a race to 3. Therefore, our organization will have to evolve as well and create a setup that goes with the players’ development.

We keep advocating One Pocket! Do you want to help? Like, share, and invite your pool playing friends to our One Pocket Series Facebook Page, the Poolhead Facebook Page, become a Poolhead member, share knowledge and ideas, get inspired and start collaborating with each other to elevate the sport!

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