A memory of true love for ‘billiards’ in the Philippines

A memory of true love for ‘billiards’ in the Philippines

altitude pool

This photo of a pool table on top of a mountain was just sent to me with the question: how’s your altitude sickness?

It reminded me of the moment when I was somewhere close to Batad, the Philippines, in January 2014. I actually was on top of a mountain where only a few wooden houses were built and I found this ‘billiards’ table in one of them. True love for the game can be found in this country. I use the word ‘billiards’, because ‘pool’ is (also) a totally different game in the Philippines. So, the first time I said I’ve played pool with the great Efren Reyes and Francisco Bustamante, people got a little confused. Pool is played on a square wooden table, which is able to rotate so that you don’t have to walk around the table, with 4 pockets. It’s played with wooden discs and a cue made from wood with an iron tip.

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I’m an adventurous 30-year-old from the Netherlands. I started playing pool as a nine-year-old standing on an empty Coca-Cola crate to be able to reach the cue ball and grew out to a hobbyist with 15 national titles on his name. Now, I consider myself a one pocket enthusiast and push for one pocket to electrify the Netherlands and Europe. I therefore started the One Pocket Series, a national tour to promote the game. Next to that, I've studied cultural anthropology, I currently work at a casino, and truly love the outdoors. My ambitions are big, my dreams even bigger.