The 16 countries where I’ve played pool

The 16 countries where I’ve played pool

I was just traveling online, thinking about what to do and where I want to go. The answer is always the same: I want to see as much of the world as possible. This mind-traveling at home by staring at my laptop screen made me think about all the places where I’ve played pool the past 17 years. I’ve made a list and it apparently comes down to a total of 16 countries.

When you live in a small country such as the Netherlands, it’s fairly easy to cross off countries like Germany, France, Belgium, and Luxembourg where you can easily go to, to play tournaments. I can cross the border with Belgium within just 70 minutes by car and it takes about 130 minutes to end up in Germany. However, there are a few countries on my list that took me a little longer than that to get there. These are the countries where I’ve played pool:

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I’m an adventurous 30-year-old from the Netherlands who has played in the Dutch national youth selection for 8 years. Now, I consider myself an (one pocket) enthusiast. I studied cultural anthropology, currently work at a casino, and truly love the outdoors. My ambitions are big, my dreams even bigger. I push for one pocket to electrify Europe!