A list of every billiards movie and TV show

A list of every billiards movie and TV show

This is the most comprehensive list that attempts to include every billiards movie, billiards TV episode, billiards short film, and billiards web series.” – Jason Moss

Source: Every Billiards Movie and TV show – 8 Ball on the Silver Screen

Whenever you feel like watching a billiards movie, you should check this list made by Jason Moss. His blog ‘8 Ball on the Silver Screen’ is exclusively about billiards movies, billiards TV shows, billiards short films, and billiards web series and he has put in a lot of effort to create a comprehensive list for us Poolheads.

There seem to be way more billiards movies than I knew of. I knew that there were more than just ‘The Hustler‘, ‘The Color of Money‘, and ‘Poolhall Junkies‘, but not that there were so many. There’s even one, ‘Kiss shot‘, starring the lovely Whoopi Goldberg!

We also have ‘The Baltimore Bullet‘. It’s an entertaining movie starring James Coburn and Omar Sharif. The fun thing about this movie is that there are some small roles for real pool legends such as Willie Mosconi as a sports commentator, Steve Mizerak, Lou “the Machine Gun” Boutera, Allen Hopkins, Irving Crane, Ray Martin, Mike Sigel,  and Jimmy “Pretty Boy Floyd” Mataya.

Scan through the list, make a choice, and enjoy your billiards movie night!

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