3rd One Pocket Series Championship fastest of the tour

3rd One Pocket Series Championship fastest of the tour

Last Sunday, we held the last tournament of the OPS Series and finished a 32 bracket mysteriously fast. It took only 10,5 hours while we had three tables less than the two earlier events. The day started at 11 am with a full field and the longest waiting list of the year, which means we’re gaining more and more popularity. That’s great news, but at the same it creates some organizational issues for next year. We’ll do everything in our power to come back bigger and better next year.

We had a new winner this event. Ivar Saris was the first who was able to dethrone 2 times winner Marc Bijsterbosch. Ivar won 3-0 from Marc in the finals. I managed to finish 3rd during a warm day at Plan B Overtoom in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. You can check all results of the 3rd One Pocket Series Championship here.

So, how was it possible to finish a one pocket tournament with 32 players and a shoot out on hill-hill in a race to 3, in just 10,5 hours? I still don’t have a clear answer to this question. Did all ‘better’ players end up playing against the ‘lesser’ players? The tables in Plan B have huge pockets, so there would probably have been a lot of successful offensive play, but that does not explain how we finished the tournament 3 hours earlier on less tables. The shoot-out always saves us some time, we’ve had 11 this time, but that’s also not enough to explain the difference. Read more here about the shoot-out and the setup of the OPS if you’re not familiar with it yet.

Maybe, all these things together made it happen, I’m not sure. What I do know, is that we had a great day again and the one pocket virus is spreading fast! Take a look at the awesome photos Frederique Rijsdijk made for us!

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Project One Pocket is a project in which I advocate One Pocket and try to inspire others, in the Netherlands and eventually in the rest of Europe as well, to start playing One Pocket, to share knowledge and ideas about the game and to set up more One Pocket tournaments across the continent. The One Pocket Series, a Dutch One Pocket tour, came forth from this project.

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