The 3 official Derby City Classic 2018 live streams

The 3 official Derby City Classic 2018 live streams

The “greatest show on our earth”, as was stated by Shannon Daulton, has started 2 days ago! The Derby City Classic is the biggest bank pool and one pocket tournament in the world. The bank division started off with 471 players! It’s a gathering of the best pro’s, hustlers, and gamblers in the world of pool and you can follow it live. These are the 3 official live streams through which you can follow all tournaments and action.

1. Accu-stats – TV Arena 

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Accu-stats is covering the tournament matches in their TV arena. They broadcast bank pool, one pocket, 9-ball, and the Diamond “Big Foot” 10-ball challenge matches. Accu-stats is now on demand on Vimeo with their new subscription service. You can watch the stream for $10.95 daily, or per session for $5.95. You can find the broadcasting schedule on their website.

2. PoolActionTV – Aramith Action Room 

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PoolActionTV is covering the big money games in the Aramith Action room! You can follow all action live for $39.95. They also have the option for a 48-hours pass for $19.95, or $14.95 per day. You should also keep an eye on their Facebook page for updates about the matches being played.

Derby City Classic live stream

3. – 14.1 Challenge plus money games

Go to is covering the George Fells Memorial Straight Pool Challenge. The high breaks are skyrocketing, over 200, the last three years. Jayson Shaw has made the highest break so far, 112. Every day after the straight pool shoot out money games will be streamed. You can watch the whole event for $39.99. Also check the Facebook page for updates.

Derby City Classic live stream 14.1

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