My first Derby City Classic experience – by Eirik Riisnæs

My first Derby City Classic experience – by Eirik Riisnæs

People here in the US have been asking me why I came all the way to the DCC on my own. The answer is, although no other players from Norway could come this year, I decided I wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip away. I came to the 2018 DCC to develop my game, to watch the best in the world, and hopefully to play against some of them. One last reason why I came here is my fascination for one pocket.

I don’t think most people in Europe know how much skill and knowledge it takes to play banks and one pocket. It requires you to control the cue-, and object ball in a way no other game asks of you, for you to be patient, and to think through every single shot.

My first round in one pocket took 5 hours, but I enjoyed it. It was real strategic one pocket. It’s amazing to see how many players know how to move in this game. Most Europeans here pocket balls as good as (maybe even better) the rest of the field. The difference is made in bank-, and moving skills. In order to improve this part of the game we, Europeans, need to play more competitive banks and one pocket. That’s how we get the experience and can start to really challenge the Americans and Filipino’s in these games. Maybe Fedor Gorst, Jayson Shaw, or someone else who’s on their level can go deep already this year and hopefully even more players will be up there in the years to come. But it requires us to play more competitive one pocket. That’s what I like about Poolhead, the passion to make this game grow in Europe and for Europeans to realize and reach their one pocket potential.

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About Eirik Riisnaes

My name is Eirik Riisnæs. I’m a 23 year old pool player from Norway. I started playing pool 5 years ago after I decided to quit my football career. I worked my way up to the top division in Norway and became national u23 champion on the way. My biggest achievement is winning two bronze medals in the 2017 Universiade in Taipei playing 9-ball.