A new winner – Jelle Kijlstra claims 3rd One Pocket Series Open 2018

A new winner – Jelle Kijlstra claims 3rd One Pocket Series Open 2018

A fist pump after his last shot showed his joy and excitement about his first one pocket victory in Poollokaal de Gracht in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Jelle Kijlstra is now added to the list of One Pocket Series winners, one that was missing on his list. Jelle has a good reputation as a youth player, won Dutch National Championships in his early twenties, and is known to be a good bank pool player making it to round 10 at the Derby City Classic. He was playing against another new face in a One Pocket Series final, local player Michael Verbeek, and won this match 3 to 1.

Michael Verbeek 2nd at 3rd OPS Open

The 3rd 2018 One Pocket Series Open started with 22 players and included some new faces and that’s exactly what we want! New faces showing up at a one pocket tournament to hopefully spread the love for the game. This is, next to regularly facilitating competitive one pocket play, the ultimate goal of the One Pocket Series.

De top 8 last Sunday, consisting of 5 players from The Hague (Hague 5) and 3 from Amsterdam, was as follows:

  1. Jelle Kijlstra
  2. Michael Verbeek
  3. Ijsbrand Bergisch
  4. Pepijn de Wit
  5. Hugo Hecht
  6. Steven Verharen
  7. Jamal Akkouh
  8. Marko Nielsen

Mika van Berkel

Mika van Berkel, the 12-year-old who plays one pocket with his mother, was able to win 2 matches yesterday and is getting close to ensure a spot for the Grand Finale! Wouldn’t that be great?! Click this link for all results of the 3rd OPS Open. After three events the current top 8 on the OPS is as follows:

  1. Ivar Saris (NL)
  2. Pepijn de Wit (NL)
  3. Jelle Kijlstra (NL)
  4. Tim De Ruyter (NL)
  5. Thomas Kirsch (GER)
  6. Steven Verharen (NL)
  7. Tim Jonkman (NL)
  8. Marko Nielsen (NL)

For the complete One Pocket Series ranking go to: www.onepocketseries.nl/ranking. The current top 4 of the ranking is guaranteed to have a spot at the Grand Finale on September 23rd in Hague 5. For all other players anything is still possible. The 4th One Pocket Series Open will be played on August 12th in SPC Woensel in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

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