The One Pocket Series is a personal project in which I advocate one pocket and try to inspire others, especially in the Netherlands and eventually in the rest of Europe as well, to start playing one pocket. I want people to get together to share knowledge and ideas about the game and to help it grow in popularity. This project is also meant to inspire other pool promoters to organize more one pocket events in Europe and spread the joy and knowledge the game provides. 

It all started in September 2016 when I began writing about why I think one pocket can be a relevant game for a pool player, resulting in what you could call a short manifesto. With this manifesto I want to share my point of view on the game of one pocket and on certain paradigms within the world of pool. Four more, shorter, articles came forth from this mission. Together they formed ‘The first 5’, and I called it the One Pocket Series. To spread these articles I launched Poolhead. Read more here about the story behind Poolhead.

Soon after I started this blog, I realized that it wouldn’t be enough to only write about the game. One pocket is gaining foothold in the Netherlands and there’s a growing group of players who’s enthusiastic about the game, but there are almost no opportunities for competitive play (in the form of tournaments) on a regular basis. So, I took the mission to a different level by organizing the One Pocket Series, a one pocket tour in the Netherlands, which I named after my project. It made its debut on June 25th, 2017. Two seasons have been played attracting players from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and even Norway.